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Wind Power Projects
Wind Power Projects

World's wind resource is estimated in 53 TWh/year, and currently the total installed wind energy power is 40,301 MW. It has been estimated that the investment required to achieve the world wind energy target of 1,245 GW by 2020 is 692 billion Euros. By then, production costs are expected to decrease from 3.79 Eurocents/kWh to 2.45 Euro-cents/kWh. Global business volume in wind turbines will increase from an annual 8 billion Euros to 80 billion Euros by 2020.

In Turkey some areas have relatively high wind speeds. These have been classified into six wind regions. The most attractive sites are the Marmara Sea region, the Mediterranean Coast, the Aegean Sea Coast.

Upon taking effect of the Renewable Energy Law, licenses were granted to 93 new wind projects which deliver a total installed power of 3,363 MW.

Currently, in Turkey, 40 new wind farm projects (around 1,400 MW) have already obtained licences and are under construction and 751 licence applications (around 78,000 MW) are still awaiting for approval.