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Solar Power Projects
Solar Power Projects

The yearly average solar radiation in Turkey is 3.6 kWh/m2-day and the total yearly radiation period is approximately 2640 h, sufficient for solar thermal applications.

The amount of sunlight that Turkey receives annually is equivalent to roughly 11,000 times the amount of electricity generated in Turkey in 1996.

Clearly, both photovoltaic and solar-thermal systems could be used to great effect. As in the solar map here below, there is also a very good situation for the exploitation concentrating solar energy solutions such as the CSP systems.

Turkey's total solar energy potential is 35 Mtoe per year and solar energy production is expected to reach 1,119 Ktoe in 2020. Despite this huge potential, flat-plate solar collectors for domestic hot water production in coastal regions are the only real use of solar energy in Turkey. Approximately 12 millions m2 of solar collectors are installed at the moment.