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The following graph and table present a clear picture of the actual number of project, installed capacity and the MidSEFF loan, connected to the projects that are part of the MidSEFF portfolio and therefore for which the loans have already been disbursed. For each project a factsheet, summarising its main data, and the Non Technical Summary (NTS) are available to be downloaded.

MidSEFF Loan
Iven SEPPSolar5.815.3
Cakil WPPWind31.612.01
Camseki WPPWind42.311.1
Caba SEPPSolar17.921
Yay-Sun SEPPSolar9.988.4
Me-Se SEPPSolar9.905.4
Omicron Engil SEPPSolar9.958.1
Omicron Ercis SEPPSolar9.955.7
IOTA SEPPSolar9.955.2
PSI Engil SEPPSolar9.955.6
MT SEPPSolar9.957.3
Alibey Adası WPPWind30.007.6
Stars SEPPSolar8.36.89
Met-gun SEPPSolar48.944.50
Ciftay SEPPSolar34.533.00
Basari SEPPSolar10.49.66
Zen SEPPSolar35.935.87
Aktas SEPPSolar15.2510.76
Zigana SEPPSolar10.5910.76
Koyuncu Nevşehir SEPPSolar8.156.7
Koyuncu SEPPSolar88.5
Hipot SEPPSolar28.220.8
Umurlar Ext WPPWind26.46.1
Soho SEPPSolar17.917.0
Soma WPPWind307.0
Umurlu II GEPPGeothermal1226.4
Edincik III WPP Wind 21 5
Incesu WPP Wind 14 13.5
Amasya WPPWind4645.0
Mutlular Biomass PlantBiomass3021.1
Edincik II WPP Wind 26.4 5
Carikli HEPPHydro9.335.7
Kale HEPPHydro17.116.4
Sukenari HEPPHydro8.611.6
Sucati I HEPPHydro8.87.8
Samurlu WPPWind30.030.0
Kozbeyli WPPWind32.230.9
Sayalar WPPWind23.021.2
Sena HEPPHydro21.624.7
Usak WPPWind54.039.5
Gumuskoy GEPPGeothermal13.318.8
Saray HEPPHydro13.516.8
Yakinca HEPPHydro14.510.6
Geres WPPWind27.55.6
Pamukoren GEPPGeothermal45.037.0
Guvercin HEPPHydro16.313.5
Gunaydin WPPWind10.04.5
Edincik WPPWind30.010.0
Konya EE & WtEEnergy Efficiency-Waste to Energy1.68.8
Zorlu EEEnergy EfficiencyN.A.13.6
Petkim EEEnergy EfficiencyN.A.29.3
Haymeana HEPPHydro12.113.6
Nazar HEPPHydro30.840.2
Sema HEPPHydro16.820.66
Soke WPPWind4527.3
Karadere WPPWind155.8
Sadilli WPPWind38.514.7
Salman WPPWind27.55.9
Batisoke EEEnergy Efficiency10.010.0
Cayalti HEPPHydro11.79.7
Serhat HEPPHydro9.110.5
Kavak HEPPHydro13.619.6
Sebil HEPPHydro22.615.7
Babadere GEPPGeothermal7.013.1
Ova WPPWind18.011.9
Akpinar HEPPHydro9.24.3
Koclu HEPPHydro35.743.9
Bozyaka WPPWind4.85.0
Goltas EEEnergy Efficiency12.030.7
Pitane WPPWind4.85.6