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Founded in 1948, Akbank, with a consolidated asset size of USD 70.4 billion, is one of the leading banks in the Turkish Banking Sector. The Bank partners with its clients to provide best-in-class financial products and services, and to create outstanding value for all its stakeholders through a strong and extensive distribution network of around 860 branches and close to 15,000 employees. Akbank's strong capital base, effective risk management practices, stable deposit structure, excellent profitability and asset quality have positioned the Bank among the most valuable financial services institutions across Europe. Akbank is firmly committed to investing in society as part of its corporate social responsibility to create sustainable, long-term value for all its stakeholders. Akbank strongly upholds this commitment in its day-to-day activities, business processes and the various projects it supports in arts, environment, education and innovation.

DenizBank was founded in 1938 as a state-owned bank in order to provide funding for the developing Turkish maritime sector. In early 1997, the Bank was acquired by Zorlu Holding from the Privatization Administration as a banking license. It was acquired in October 2006 from the Zorlu Group by Dexia, a leading financial group in Europe; DenizBank currently operates under the Dexia umbrella. Ranking among the top 6 private banks in Turkey as per asset size DenizBank possesses a service network reaching to all sections of the society. Providing services with "Financial Supermarket" approach through its 451 branches, DenizBank Financial Services Group follows a strategy focused on the sectors it qualifies as niche sectors, to start with Agriculture and going on with energy, tourism, education, health, infrastructure and maritime in addition to its outstanding performance in Retail and SME Banking.

Turkey's young and dynamic bank, Finansbank was established in 1987. Growing at a tremendous pace in such a short time, Finansbank continues to render innovative banking services to its customers, with 522 branches and 11,000 employees as of 2011 year end. Driven by its principle of rendering outstanding services and by its innovative and proactive approach, Finansbank demonstrated remarkable efforts which allowed it to become the fifth largest private bank of Turkey in terms of asset size in 2004, an accomplishment achieved in such a relatively short time in banking industry.

Garanti Bank, with 63 years of established history, is Turkey's second largest private bank having a total consolidated asset size of US$ 77 billion as of Q1 2010. Having a presence in all business lines including corporate, private, commercial, SME, retail and investment banking, Garanti operates as an integrated financial services company with its nine subsidiaries offering service in payment systems, pension, leasing, factoring, brokerage and asset management and caters any financial need of its 9 million customers with close to 17,000 employees and through a strong and extensive distribution network. Jointly owned by Doðuþ Holding and GE Capital, Garanti Bank is publicly traded with a free float of 49%.

Türkiye Ýþ Bankasý A.Þ., established in 1924, is the largest private bank in terms of total assets reaching TL 160 billion in Turkey. Together with its subsidiaries, Ýþbank has been one of the most valuable and trusted institutions in the country for 87 years thanks to its customer-focused, innovative and modern business approach. Gaining strength from its corporate mission, besides supporting economic development, Ýþbank also contributes to the development of society via its social responsibility activities in the fields of education, environment, arts and culture.

Established in 1954 and having a unique state-private mixture of capital structure, Vakifbank is the fifth largest bank in the system with its asse size of TL 64,8 billion. Vakifbank operates through an extensive domestic network of 574 branches and 10,295 employees. It has two international offices located in New York and Bahrain and a subsidiary in Austria named VakifBank International AG which has branches in Vienna, Cologne and Frankfurt. Vakifbank offers modern banking products and services not only in corporate, commercial and SME banking, but also in retail and private banking areas.

Established in 1944 as Turkey's first retail focused private bank with a nationwide presence, Yapý Kredi has played a significant role in Turkey's development, setting standards in the sector through its innovative approach, commitment to social responsibility and investment in culture and arts. Yapý Kredi is the fourth largest private bank with total assets of TL 107.5 bln as of first half of 2011 and ranks fifth in total cash loans with 10.5% market share and sixth in total deposits with 8.6% market share. Yapý Kredi, with 887 branches located in more than 70 cities, has the fifth largest branch network in the Turkish banking sector.