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Wind Power Projects
Wind Power Projects

Turkey's theoretical hydroelectric potential is 1% of that of the World and 16% of Europe. Turkey's technically feasible hydroelectric potential is 36,000 MW.

There are 1,283 sites available, around 150 of them are already under operation. In 2008 the hydroelectric power operational has become the 38% of the total potential (some 13,830 MW).

As of April 2008, the private sector license applications to EMRA for new hydro plants amounted to 13,700MW, an indicator of the significant appeal to private sector participation. Under the "Law on Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for the Purpose of Generating Electrical Energy", hydropower counts as renewable energy if it is a canal or run-of-river type or if the reservoir area is less than 15 km2.

As of May 2008, about 300 small hydropower projects of 30 MW or less were in operation or under development. Table below provides an overview of the potential development of hydropower plants in Turkey updated to 2006.