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Bio Energy Projects
Bio Energy Projects

Biomass still represents a significant share of total energy consumption in Turkey, despite a drop from 20% in 1980 to 8% in 2005. Fuel wood and animal waste are the main biomass fuels used for heating and cooking in many urban and rural areas.

It has been estimated a large amount of recoverable energy potential from agricultural residues, livestock farming wastes, forestry and wood processing residues and municipal wastes. Therefore Turkey, with approximately three million farms, has a huge potential for biogas production from cattle waste.

Total biomass production is expected to be 52.5 Mtoe in 2030. Under a conservative assumption of about 30 Mtoe of available resource, the following table reports a firsthand estimation of the potential penetration of this energy technology.

In addition, to ensuring energy re-use, methanisation of manure would also help resolve a major health hazard in Turkey related to the unsafe spread of manure on agricultural fields. In the table below the estimated investment costs of Turkey�s biomass management strategy (2003-2023) is shown.